Our Story

Conservative Grounds was launched after Starbucks asked 6 Police Officers to leave their coffee shop. Appalled by such actions and the belief that this type of hatred towards law enforcement should NEVER happen again, the birth of “the Grounds” happened. The Founders had a desire to create a place where Conservatives would feel welcome and America would be loved. American Patriots deserve a place to congregate, converse and enjoy a beverage along with a pastry, snack or sweet treat without having to choke it down with a dose liberalism.

Conservative Grounds is a place to promote Conservative Values and an alternative to the Liberal Coffee shops that were the only option until NOW. We welcome all those who no longer wish to support coffee houses that funnel their monies to liberal policies and politicians. DO NOT inadvertently give your money to causes you are against, stop supporting Liberal Companies that don’t have the same values as you.

Meet the Founding Fathers

Conservative Grounds was founded by 2 Americans who believe in Conservative values, morals and God. Cliff Gephart & John Tatum were the initial members of the Founding Fathers but many others thru their support, finances, prayers and help have made this amazing place a reality. The group of Founding Fathers includes Men & Women, those Young & Old from many different races including White, Black, Latino, Arabic and American Indian with varying sexual orientations. Conservative Grounds is made up of an extremely diverse group of Owners with one thing in common… belief in Conservative values.

Cliff Gephart


Cliff Gephart is a dedicated Father and Husband who spends his non-family time as an American Radio Host, Entrepreneur and an Outspoken Opinionist. Born into a poor white Democrat family, Cliff is unwilling to allow America to diminish further into a liberal godless society. Cliff fights daily to spread a message of conservatism, morals and American traditional values. for more about Cliff, go to www.CliffGephart.com

John Tatum


John Tatum is an American businessman who is willing to use his success to support the country he loves. John is one of the most dedicated patriots and supporters of President Donald J. Trump. When the idea of creating a place that would celebrate conservatism and promote the ideas and beliefs that are embraced by conservatives, John didn’t hesitate and said “I’m in”…

54 Patriots


Conservative Grounds will be made up of additional Founding Fathers who love America and are willing to invest in a place that created an environment to encourage and embrace conservative values in America. The complete make-up of Ownership is a diverse group of Founding Fathers, who signed the Declaration of Coffee independence and joined Conservative Grounds.

Next Steps…

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