Conservative Grounds is an emerging chain of conservative coffee shops where conservatives can enjoy a full menu of Crafted Hot Beverages including Coffee, Lattes, Espresso, Hot Chocolate & an assortment of Teas all while enjoying a Pastry, Dessert or Ice Cream without the scourge of liberalism overtones.



Conservative Grounds can be delivered right to your door. Enjoy GREAT COFFEE in the sanctity of your own home from a company that shares your beliefs and values of what America should be. We GUARANTEE you will enjoy our coffee or we will give you a 100% refund.

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Conservative Grounds is an American company dedicated to the American Way of Life. Join us in supporting America and our Brand by sporting some of our great swag and sipping coffee from one of our great coffee mugs. Check back often because our products are always being updated.


Conservative Grounds Story

Conservative Grounds was founded by 56 people known as the Founding Fathers who are dedicated to creating a place where Conservative Values, Belief in God, Love for America, Respect for Law Enforcement, Support of our Military and the 2nd Amendment is protected.

Conservative Grounds was launched after Starbucks asked 6 Police Officers to leave their coffee shop. Appalled by such actions and the belief that this type of hatred towards law enforcement should NEVER happen again, the birth of “the Grounds” happened. The Founders had a desire to create a place where Conservatives would feel welcome and America would be loved. American Patriots deserve a place to congregate, converse and enjoy a beverage along with a pastry, snack or sweet treat without having to choke it down with a dose liberalism.

Conservative Grounds is a place to promote Conservative Values and an alternative to the Liberal Coffee shops that were the only option until NOW. We welcome all those who no longer wish to support coffee houses that funnel their monies to liberal policies and politicians. DO NOT inadvertently give your money to causes you are against, stop supporting Liberal Companies that don’t have the same values as you.

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Next Steps…

Stop by “The Grounds” for a great cup of coffee and some amazing conversation or order a bag of Conservative Grounds online.

Franchising Opportunities Available