About Us

Our journey began with a simple tragic event… Starbucks asked 6 Police Officers to leave a coffee shop and Cliff Gephart noticed the story and became incredibly upset and decided to create a place where Policemen, Firefighters, Soldiers, Marines, Navy Men and everyone who protects our community and country would be respected.  

We at Conservative Grounds feel very strongly that those who protect and serve our community shall be respected and not marginalized because of woke ideology.

Every 1st Responder, Law Enforcement Officer, Fireman, Soldier, Navyman, Marine, Air Force Member, Space Force Member, Highway Patrolman, Coast Guard Member, DEA, FBI, CIA or any others that enter Conservative Grounds in uniform gets FREE COFFEE and PASTRIES.  

When we aren’t giving away free coffee and donuts to the 1st Responders that stop by we are out doing donut drops to them in the field.  Great and generous customers help support this effort and we are grateful to them for helping.  

The Founding Fathers

During the birth of Conservative Grounds a select group of Men and Women stood up to make the Greatest Coffee Shop in history a reality and they are known as the Founding Fathers.  The entire conservative community should be grateful to these individuals for helping to create the greatest coffee company in history.

We're on a mission to support and share conservative values.

We’re more than just a place to grab your morning caffeine fix – we aren’t a coffee shop, we are a camaraderie shop.  We are a place that allows for public debate of all types without ramifications or threats and this includes liberal viewpoints.  We welcome all political opinions.   

13344 66th Street N Largo FL 33771

(727) 216-3212