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Brand: Conservative Grounds

GROUND COFFEE, We have Whole Bean if you prefer that.

Conservative Grounds #2 BLEND BOLD Medium Roast Coffee is a medium but STRONG flavorful blend of coffee created to satisfy TRUE coffee drinkers. Just as the 2nd Amendment stands strong, so does this blend. This is true premium coffee, roasted in small batches and delivered to you when ordered. Some times there is a a slight delay in ordering as your order is roasted fresh, delivered fresh and enjoyed fresh.

Conservative Grounds does NOT try to sell 25 different blends of coffee, we do a few and do them RIGHT. If you LOVE coffee, LOVE America and LOVE the Conservative Movement, please consider supporting our coffee company and your habit for caffeine. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will either replace your order or give you a 100% refund. A portion of all sales goes to support our Military, 1st Responders or Conservative Charities.

#2 BLEND is just like the Amendment it represents from which it gets its name, BOLD, STRONG and UNAPOLOGETIC. The #2 Blend is for coffee drinkers who care about what is in their cup. This is a PREMIUM COFFEE.

Our #2 BLEND comes in a fresh 12 ounce bag ground when ordered and shipped the next day. The reason we sell 12 ounce bags is due to shipping rates. We can keep our cost down and deliver amazing coffee as long as the coffee, the bag and the shipping envelope don’t exceed 16 ounces.

*We sometimes ship our orders in recycled cardboard boxes to do our part in recycling and being a good shepherd of our planet.

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